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Status of rays in the sea

Threatened species yes/no? What about Eczoil®?

Which rays are threatened and therefore protected?

We often receive concerned messages regarding the threat of extinction to the rays in our oceans. There are indeed a number of species mentioned on the Cites lists*. These are lists drafted by international organisations of species protected by law against overfishing1.

If you consider how rays are divided taxonomically – the Batoidea super-order and the Myliobatiformes – you see a division in families between whiptail stingrays (Dasyatidae) and eagle rays (Myliobatidae). The beautiful manta ray forms part of this latter family grouping and are very rare indeed.

Are the Eczoil® whiptail rays also a protected species?

Not one of the family of whiptail rays is listed on a CITES list (see CITES list of a ray species2), which means that these rays are not under threat. Our fishermen in the Caribbean confirm this, as whiptail rays are often found in their nets, which Eczoil® processes in a sustainable manner into a pure product.


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