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General terms and conditions

1. Definitions

1.1 In these general terms and conditions the following terms will have the following meanings:

  • Eczoil: Eczoil B.V., registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 53975545, and acting as seller.
  • Customer: the customer of Eczoil in the broadest sense possible and who will enter into an Agreement with Eczoil.
  • Agreement: a written and/or oral agreement between Eczoil and the Customer, as well as distance contracts, including online orders via Eczoil’s website.
  • General terms and conditions:  these terms and conditions.
  • Website:
  • The product: Eczoil’s products and services.

2. Applicability

2.1 These general terms and conditions apply to all offers, quotations, agreements and deliveries of Eczoil

2.2 These general terms and conditions can be amended.

2.3. The applicability of the Customer’s general terms and conditions is expressly rejected.

2.3  If a product is purchased for a consecutive period, for example for a regimen, these general terms and condition apply to all subsequent purchases within this regimen.

3. The product

3.1 The product is merely a natural product. The product is not a registered medical product, nor is it a medicine.

3.2 The instructions must be read before ingestion.

3.3 If you have any questions regarding the compatibility of the product with your state of health or any medication you are taking, you should always contact your doctor beforehand. The use and ingestion of the product is at your own risk.

4. Concluding an agreement online

4.1 Customers can place their orders online via the website. By placing an order online, the Customer explicitly indicates that it wants to accept Eczoil’s offer, wants to enter into an agreement and unconditionally accepts these general terms and conditions.

4.2 During the ordering process, the Customer is given the opportunity on the website to read and save these general terms and conditions . The Customer must explicitly agree to its applicability.

4.3 The agreement will be concluded after the Customer has complied with all the conditions stipulated by Eczoil during the ordering process. Eczoil will immediately confirm the receipt of the order electronically by sending a confirmation of receipt containing the order, customer, payment and shipping information.

4.4 If an order is placed in another manner than online, the Customer will receive the general terms and conditions and the user manual upon collection of the product For telephone orders and/or other orders, the Customer will first receive an invoice for payment stating the general terms and conditions. Upon payment, the Customer agrees to the applicability of the general terms and conditions and in that case, the agreement will be concluded with an obligation to deliver.

5. Prices and shipping costs

5.1 Prices include VAT. The prices do not include any shipping costs.

5.2 Shipping costs are included in the final total price. The total price is shown during the order process, within which the shipping costs are specified. During the online order process, Eczoil will provide this information prior to the final order and on the electronic confirmation of receipt. For other agreements, Eczoil lists the information on the invoice.

5.3 If the information the Customer provided during the order process turns out to be incorrect, Eczoil has the right to adjust the prices accordingly.

5.4 The prices are subject to typing errors and apply to each order.

6. Delivery time / performance of the agreement

6.1 Eczoil ships no later than 7 days after having sent the electronic confirmation of receipt or 7 days after receipt of payment in other cases.

6.2  Eczoil is responsible for the delivered products until the moment of delivery.

6.3 It is no longer possible to return the product after it has been delivered. Such in relation to a short durability of the unopened product outside of the refrigerator. Considering that Eczoil is not aware of how the Customer uses the product in the meantime, Eczoil takes no responsibility for the product after delivery. The same applies if the product, due to its composition, does not have a sealed plastic cap. In that case, there is no guarantee that the product has remained unopened after delivery.

6.4 If an order does not arrive at the specified delivery address after shipment, the same order will be re-sent, free of charge.

7. Liability and compensation

7.1 The total liability of Eczoil in respect of the Customer due to an attributable shortcoming in the performance of the agreement is limited to compensation of direct damage that will not exceed the price stipulated for that agreement (excluding VAT). However, under no circumstances will be total compensation for direct damage exceed €500.

7.2 Liability of Eczoil in respect of the Customer for indirect damage, including consequential damage, loss of profits, loss of savings, loss of data and damage due to business interruption, is excluded.

7.3 Apart from the aforementioned cases, Eczoil not liable for any compensation in respect of the Customer, regardless of the ground a claim for compensation would be based on. However, the aforementioned maximum amounts will lapse if and in so far as the damage is the result of intent or gross negligence on the part of Eczoil.

7.4 If, in the event a situation as referred to in 7.3 arises, the court deems a provision to be onerous or in the event of damage as a result of death or physical injury, the total compensation will never exceed the coverage under the professional liability insurance in the case in question.

7.5 The liability of Eczoil in respect of the Customer only arises if the Customer declares Eczoil to be in default in writing with a detailed description of the shortcoming, so that Eczoil is able to adequately respond.

7.6 A condition for any right to compensation is that the Customer reports the damage to Eczoil in writing within 30 days after it arose. Any claim for compensation will lapse after a period of 24 months has lapsed after the claim has arisen.

7.7 Eczoil is not obliged to compensate the damage caused to the Customer in case of force majeure.

8. Privacy Legislation

8.1. Eczoil collects and processes personal data for the administration of customers, the performance of this agreement, collecting payments, the website, personal marketing, and in order to comply with statutory obligations. Eczoil has drawn up a privacy statement for this purpose. This privacy statement can be accessed on Eczoil’s website and constitutes an integral part of these general terms and condition. 

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