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The history of Stingray liver oil

Stingray liver oil, back on the shelves.

Stingray oil, stingray liver oil, different names emerge around the famous IJsselmeer in the Netherlands for this historical product. In the first 70 years of the 20th century many boats have fished large quantities of stingrays in the  South Sea (now IJsselmeer) and the North Sea.

Each stingray was welcomed as a special gift, because many families living in the coastal area knew the special qualities of the oil coming from the liver of the fish. The liver was hung above the coal stove for weeks to collect the precious oil and the (very) fishy smell during the process was taken for granted because of the health benefits.

It is exactly this traditional process that was almost lost, but with the help of the older generations this product could be re-introduced into the market. With the currently well developed food safety regulations and packaging and marketing techniques the product has been improved and made ready for the 21st century.

Except vitamins and the well studied Omega-3 fatty acids there is something exceptional in Stingray oil which gives magical properties to this product. In the old days the usually large families used a daily teaspoon of the oil to prepare themselves against disease, especially in the winter time.

On the vessels the fishermen even rubbed their body with the oil during the cold journeys on sea. The oil has been used for many ailments such as rheumatism, arthritis and some forms of eczema, which has also been reported for centuries by fishing communities in India.

Volendam is proud that it has contributed to the new birth of this amazing product on the global market.

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